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About Regional Skills Training (RST)

Regional Skills Training (RST) have been providing training to businesses and students in the rural and regional sectors of Australia since 2002. Our core delivery is to the Primary Industries sector including farmers, horticultural growers and agricultural service industries.

We live and breathe Primary Industries. Our head office is located on the Yorke Peninsula on our 5th generation broadacre grain farm and we have a strong presence in the heartland of vegetable production in the Northern Adelaide Plains. Students already in the industry wanting to upskill or students wanting to start their career, have all been able to train with us and meet their goals. We also work closely with schools to make sure that the younger generation have the right skills to enter the industry.

Caroline Graham, CEO & Founder of Regional Skills Training

Our flexible, innovative and industry appropriate training is underpinned by five core principles:

  • Act with professionalism, fairness and integrity
  • Advocate for our students and the Primary Industries sector
  • Create strong partnerships with employers and industry
  • Provide a supportive but challenging learning environment for students and staff
  • Continue to evolve and embrace new technologies.

Our staff aim to provide an industry relevant, support orientated service to all students.

  • RST’s Trainers collaborate with Industry Subject Matter Experts to develop learning materials and deliver workshops ensuring our training reflects the skills and knowledge being used in the industry today.
  • Student Support Officers help and guide students through their learning journey, working with schools and employers to ensure that all parties are aware of training progress.

RST always operates our business with the community spirit embedded in our country regions. We are approachable and support orientated with our students and their workplaces. Support for our students and businesses is as easy as a phone call, dropping into one of our offices, or sending an email or message.

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